About Us

Our Beginning


Hallcrest Aerie #4497 was founded December 11, 2005 ....

... under Dispensation lawfully  issued, instituted  and established as a Local Aerie of the Order, and Whereas,  such Aerie  has made proof of its constancy and devotion and has duly petitioned  for  a Charter, Now, therefore, The Grand Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles,  by  virtue of the power and authority confer upon it, doth hereby grant  this



     fully establishing and confirming said Eagles and  their successors as

Hallcrest Aerie No. 4497 Fraternal Order of Eagles

The first location was .... Hallcrest Street - hence  the name"Hallcrest Eagles." Hallcrest became a charter member of the  Order of Eagles on March 29, 2006 with thirty-eight Founding Members.  Hallcrest Eagles, informaly known as the "Club", later occupied space  in a small area in a cozy strip mall on Kass Circle before expanding to  the current location. The Club continues to seek to grow and is looking  at space in a larger building.    

Founding Members


2005 - An Eventful Year for Hallcrest Eagles

Aldridge, Roy
Armstrong, Timothy E.
Ausburn, Brian T.
Borgeson, John B.
Busby, Jr., William J.
Carnes, Bradley P.
Carnes, Kessley W.
Cocchi, James V.
Conk, Melvin G.
Crotsley, Robert A.
Davidson, Richard A.
Delong, Peter R.
Deweese, Bobbie
Erickson, Erwin L.
Farlow, Kenneth
Fernandes, Patrick J.
Fockler, Cory
Gingras, D. John
Hargen, Daryl L.
Hand, John R.
Hufmeister, Lloyd H.
Hoaglan, Dale
Hutchins, Sylvester F.
Lambert, Albert
Laclair, Robert I.
Ladrigan, Dennis E.
Lalan, John
Martin, John
Meyer, James L.
Okula, Paul
Pannullo, Joseph
Patrick, Larry K.
Ramsey, David, A.
Shannon, Jim C.
Slinsky, Ronald A.
Sussman, Michael J.
Violante, Norbert J.
Waters, Robert E.