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Fraternal Order of Eagles (F. O. E.)

Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) is an international fraternal organization that was founded on February 6, 1898, in Seattle, Washington by a group of six theater owners including John Cort (the first president), brothers John W. and Tim J. Considine, Harry (H.L.) Leavitt (who later joined the Loyal Order of Moose), Mose Goldsmith and Arthur Williams. Originally made up of those engaged in one way or another in the performing arts, the Eagles grew and claimed credit for establishing the Mother's Day holiday in the United States as well as the "impetus for Social Security". Their lodges are known as "aeries".


  • 1898 — "Order of Good Things" established. Later that year, the organization changed its name to Fraternal Order of Eagles and formed the first Aerie.
  • 1904 — F.O.E. starts advocating for Mother's Day
  • 1927 — Creation and formation of the Ladies Auxiliary
  • 1935 — Support for enactment of Social Security Law
  • 1944 — Eagles Memorial Fund established
  • 1954 — Nearly 10,000 Ten Commandments plaques distributed
  • 1955 — F.O.E. Ten Commandments monument placed in Ambridge, PA. F.O.E. Ten Commandments monument placed on the grounds of a state capital, Denver, CO
  • 1957 — Nationwide "Jobs After 40" program inaugurated
  • 1967 — Jimmy Durante Children's Foundation established
  • 1972 — Golden Eagle Fund established
  • 1983 — Max Baer Heart Fund offered first grants for Aerie-sponsored CPR classes $405,000 donated to Eagles' Truman Cardiovascular Lab at Research Medical Center, Kansas City Golden Eagle Fund donated $5,000 in grants to institutions conducting Alzheimer's disease research
  • 1985 — Donations to St. Jude Hospital top $1 million
  • 1988 — Eagles matched grants up to $500 to sponsor Drug Education Seminars
  • 1991 — Eagles supported Operation Desert Storm with mail and food packages
  • 1995 — $50,000 donated for the Eagle Alcove of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Roosevelt was a lifetime F.O.E. member)
  • 2001 — Memorial Foundation established Attack on America Fund and raised $500,000 F.O.E. purchased property to consolidate international headquarters
  • 2002 — International headquarters opened in Grove City, Ohio
  • 2005 — Eagles rededicated Ten Commandments monument at international headquarters F.O.E. generously supported development of a new scoliosis brace named the "Eagle Brace" F.O.E. signed first year contract with Braun Racing for car
  • 2006 — Eagles worked with local government leaders to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. F.O.E. signed second year contract with Braun Racing
  • 2007 — Eagles supported American Eagle & Literary Challenge in quest to name June 20 National Eagle Day, The Disaster Relief Fund was passed which will allow the Eagles to have "trailers" stocked with supplies to be a first response team.
  • 2008 — $25 million gift commitment to fund The Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center at The University of Iowa.

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